• Digital Panoramic and X-Rays

      At Browns Road Dental Centre, we have invested in world class high quality technology that is the Planmeca Digital panoramic and Orthodontic specific Dental X-Ray machine.

      This advanced technology enable us to take various radiographic pictures of the teeth, the jaws, the sinuses, the TMJ (the joint that controls your lower jaw movement), the head and face profile (for our quality orthodontic assessment) as well as Wrist X-Rays (For growth assessment for our candidate children and teenager patients that is getting Orthodontic treatments).

      All of this is done in clinic, very low dose of radiation to ensure safety for all age groups, comfortable and takes only few seconds to be done, the dentist then can show and explain the results immediately on the computer software and email, copy or print the radiographs when needed.

      We do offer this technology to all of our patients (Cost is $95 or Free for ACC related dental injuries if we are carrying on with the ACC related dental care).

      You can even ask your existing dentist to Refer you only for taking Full Mouth Panoramic Digital Radiograph for general assessment of the teeth, the jaw bone, and/or wisdom teeth regular check ups.

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