• Orthodontic Treatment

      We use the most advanced orthodontic tools, to provide you with the highest levels of orthodontic treatment. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach used in typical straight wire appliances, we customizes your braces and wires. Since the braces have been specifically made for you, faster and more effective treatment can be expected.

      We are trained in the most comprehensive and best networked orthodontic continuing education program in the industry. We have learned to use computerised orthodontics to provide you the most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment. By using the most advanced computerised orthodontics for treatment, we make sure that every detail of your case is analysed before starting, to give you the best smile and care.

      The world’s most EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT way to straighten your teeth!


      Each Patient is Different

      The Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® was the first customised appliance system in the world and is an enhanced straight arch wire technique. In the current standard in orthodontics, dentists use “straight arch wire” appliances with one bracket design and one arch wire for all patients, which is not always sufficient to treat all tooth movements.

      However, the IP Appliance® revolutionized orthodontics by allowing doctors to customize the optimal appliance for each patient. This customization results in faster, more consistent treatment results. Tens of thousands of successful cases from all over the world have already proven that this is the most efficient way to straighten your teeth, the next generation of orthodontics.

      The Science & Components Behind It The IP Appliance® has proven to be the most effective method of orthodontics. Cases finish in 40% less time by adding torque and rotations early in treatment. This system also uses the optimal arch wire shape for each patient based on each individual’s anatomy and case goals. More importantly, results are more stable as teeth have been in their final position for longer.

      We use brackets and arch forms customized to you, to minimize wire bending. This improves the consistency of your results and will give you the best looking smile. Your braces will be individually designed, tailored to your anatomy and case goals unlike other orthodontic appliances.

      Your IP Appliances® will have these components:

      • Brackets specific to each tooth

      • Custom welded bands

      • Arch wires specific to your facial characteristics and tooth movements, guiding your teeth within the size and shape of your unique bone structure

      • Long acting nickel-titanium springs and wires to extend the time between treatment visits

      • Computer aided diagnosis of the best bracket and wire combinations for each treatment



      • CUSTOMIZED – IP Orthodontics gives dentists 10 times more bracket and arch wire designs to choose from, creating a treatment-specific set of braces. Each tooth is diagnosed to find the best bracket for the intended direction of tooth movement. Your braces will be designed and made for you. • FASTER TREATMENT – Treatment with the IP Appliance® has been shown to be at least 6 months faster than the current straight arch wire appliance treatment. Since treatment time varies significantly by severity, age and anatomy, speak with us to get a better projection on your treatment time. • FEWER TREATMENT VISITS – Due to the use of long-acting materials and the reduced need to make arch wire corrections, intervals between visits can be extended. This means less travel and time in the dentists’ chair, with better results.

      • MORE COMFORT -Since your braces and wires are custom-ized to you, you have less wire changes, pain and irritation.

      • BETTER SMILES – IP Orthodontics diagnosis compensates for unwanted tooth movements. Computer aided diagnosis accurately predicts your teeth’s path to its final position, shortening your treatment time and reducing unexpected tooth movements.

      • IMPROVED RETENTION – Retention has improved significantly by straightening the teeth more effectively, earlier in treatment. Customized brackets specific to each tooth’s rotation are applied to fully straighten your teeth. Since we do not need to make as many arch wire compensations throughout the treatment, your teeth are straightened to their final positions earlier and have improved capacity to retain in that position.



      For your perfect Smile

      A Progressive smile uses computer generated orthodontic technology that produces faster and more stable results. Your braces will be individually designed for the most effective and fastest treatment. With the aid of a computer, we diagnose your teeth, bone structure, and facial profile to develop your treatment plan and customize your brackets. We use cutting edge orthodontic technology to create the optimal treatment plan for you. Your doctor analyzes every detail before the case starts to interpret any potential problems before they happen. Some of the technologies used include digital cephalometric analysis, model measuring, visual treatment objectives and over 150 treatment plan templates.

      Space maintainers help “hold space” for permanent teeth. Your child may need one if he or she loses a baby tooth prematurely, before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. If a primary tooth is lost too early, adult teeth can erupt into the empty space instead of where they should be. When more adult teeth are ready to come into the mouth, there may not be enough room for them because of the lost space. To prevent this from happening, the dentist may recommend a space maintainer to hold open the space left by the missing tooth.