Here are a few satisfied customers:

A BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to Dr. Nash and his amazing team at Browns Road Dental, who has given me a huge boost of confidence and A smile I couldn’t be happier with. After a Long four year journey on Orthodontic treatment, I am well pleased with my final Result. Browns road Dental has always had great communication, excellent customer service and A remarkable Approach to their patients. Nash has always made me feel completely comfortable and gone over and beyond to provide me the best service which is customized to my needs as a patient this was quite helpful as I had very sensitive gums.

Brown’s road dental has Advanced computerized orthodontics they use to analyse the important detailed steps needed to take for the most efficient and effective treatment.They believe that each patient is different, taking into consideration your expectations. Nash keeps me up to date with every procedure and change in my dental plan and explains it well so that I am made well aware and happy with my treatment process. I recommend Browns road Dental to anyone and everyone as Nash has completely transformed my smile, Is very passionate about his work and will help u feel and look amazing.


Dentist and staff are friendly and gentle. Giving you good advice and options, leaving you feeling good about yourself and any treatment that is needed. Would highly recommend this Dental Centre to anyone needing a check up or treatment :)

This dentist is not judgmental they give excellent advice and service. Lets face it no one likes going to dentist especially if you haven’t been there for along time. The dentist here does not criticize you or make you feel uncomfortable. What he focuses on is letting you know how much and what needs to be done with your teeth, the rest is up to you.

I want to thank you all for the excellent service you all have given my son Isaac.

Dr.Nash looks after the whole of him not just his teeth. Isaac looks on him like a big brother.Isaac’s self esteem has grown 100% since starting his braces treatment.The staff here are wonderful. I can’t thank you all enough.

May God bless you all mightily.

Shona & Isaac.

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